Kid Kindness Launches New Website

Kid Kindness, an organization dedicated to teaching children about philanthropy, is proud to announce the launch of its new website at A major goal for the organization’s site includes educating the public about Kid Kindness events and programs, which strive to help those in need while empowering the next generation to make a difference in the world.

Kid Kindness was created in 2015 by Erin Cooper of Wakefield, Massachusetts to get children, especially those under the age of 10, involved in philanthropy through community service projects that are both educational and fun.

“I have always been a passionate advocate for volunteerism and philanthropy. After becoming a parent, I quickly realized that there were few opportunities to introduce small children to these kinds of activities. Kid Kindness seeks to fill this void, help create positive, impactful family experiences, and promote philanthropic exploration at home,” says Cooper.

Kid Kindness engages young children and their families in a variety of philanthropic and community activities like creating Get Well cards for children in hospitals, running food donation drives, and meeting local law enforcement. These efforts and events contribute to both local and global causes and organizations in need in a meaningful way, while educating event participants.

Since its inception, Kid Kindness has been met with success and growing interest. Its events, which are open to families with children of all ages, regularly fill to capacity; a catalyst in the organization’s decision to build a new website with added functionality and increased visibility. With its continued growth the organization is actively seeking tax exempt status.

Erin Cooper is an experienced financial officer with 20 years of experience in banking and wealth management. She also has an extensive background in working with non-profit organizations of varying sizes and needs. In addition to Cooper, Kid Kindness is supported and championed by Education Chair Johanna Korpita; Board Advisors Katie Wadland and Julie Kingsley; Program Director Emma Sharff; and Marketing and Web Consultant Jamie Haslett.



Erin Cooper, Founder of Kid Kindness