A Kind Kid demonstrates caring and compassion for others. Do you know someone who fits this description? Did you witness a random act of kindness by a child in your community?

Nominate them!

To nominate a Kind Kid, please fill out our online nomination form below and attach completed Parental/Guardian Consent Form. The nomination should include specific examples of acts of kindness performed by the nominee. The act can be big or small with bonus points for it being their own idea. We want to celebrate all the ways our kids make a difference.

Every child nominated will receive a certificate to reinforce his or her actions. The child selected for our Kid Kindness Award will be highlighted on our website and social media accounts.*

Please include:

  • Kind act being recognized
  • Date the child performed the act
  • Child’s first name and age
  • Guardian’s name and contact info
  • Your name and email

*With Parental/Guardian Consentm. Only the child’s picture, first name, age, and a description of their kind act will be shared.