#KidKindnessChallenege2019 – 31 Acts of Kindness

December is often a busy month with celebrations and traditions and all that goes into making these special moments happen. During this time our kids are often asked what they want for gifts while we try to teach them how to give to others thoughtfully. So how do we bring the magic of giving while allowing all the fun around receiving their own gifts?

Over the last couple of years, our family combined the idea of an Advent Calendar with a Kindness Calendar. Each night, we would talk about kind deeds then have a door opening, which the kids loved. It also brought balance to the giving and receiving over the holidays, which we loved. Dangling that carrot of a surprise gift behind a cardboard door proved to be a great motivator! (We have had good luck with Little People and Paw Patrol calendars, this year we are trying out a Marvel themed one!)

Want to try it yourself? Check out our very own Kid Kindness 31 Acts of Kindness Calendar (see below). Download it, print it, save it to your phone, or share it. Either way, we hope you and your family are able to incorporate it this holiday season!

PS – Don’t forget to share your acts of kindness by tagging Kid Kindness and using #KidKindnessChallenge2019.