Kindness Is…

We talk a lot about showing our kids how to be kind, teaching our kids compassion, helping them be more aware of the world around them – but when was the last time we asked what kindness is to them?

While enjoying a family vacation or relaxing at home on a rare quiet day, ask your child what kindness is. Just ask, without a lot of build up, to see what they have to say. I think many of us will be pleasantly surprised at the responses (and maybe even get a good laugh)!

Kid Kindness would love to see what the littles’ interpretations are! Use the Kindness Is… Worksheet and let them define kindness in a way they feel moved to – drawing, writing (a single word or essay). Any format is acceptable!

*Email us copies or pictures of their work to

Happy Summer!

Kindness Is… Worksheet


*With your permission, we may share the submission online which may include your child’s picture, first name, age, and Kindness Is work. We will never share your child’s last name, address, or school.